Choosing a Lab Grown Diamond Shape by Finger Type

Choosing a Lab Grown Diamond Shape by Finger Type

Great Lab Diamond Shapes for Long Fingers

Those with long fingers can wear most sizes and shapes well. Here are a few styles that would look gorgeous on thin, long fingers:

  • Wide rings. Wide bands perfectly complement long fingers.
  • Princess-cut, cushion, oval, or round.

These classic styles look great on long fingers. If you prefer an edgy look, then an emerald-cut will suit just as well, and really any size or shape works.

Lab Diamond Shapes that Look Good on Short Fingers

For those with shorter fingers, your engagement ring should help elongate your fingers, making them appear longer. Here are some options for creating the illusion of length:

  • Narrow-width rings. Thinner bands create the illusion that the fingers are longer.
  • Oval-cut, marquise, or pear-cut diamonds. These styles also elongate the fingers, creating a slender, elegant look.

Lab Diamond Shapes for Wide Fingers

For those with wider fingers, we recommend choosing larger stones. Small stones will emphasize the hand’s width. If you want a delicate yet modern look, here are some ring shapes suggestions for you:

Of course, bigger stones are an option ONLY if they match the personality. This is almost the most important aspect and should never be overlooked.

Perfect Lab Diamond Shapes for Women with Thin Fingers

If you have delicate fingers, you have plenty of ring shapes options to choose from.

One important thing to know is: You should not put a big stone on a thin finger. It will just look heavy. Instead, try to create a balance. Choose a smaller alternative. Here are some options that are just right:

In the end, what matters most is to choose a ring that you (if you’re wearing it) or your fiancé (if they are) will be happy wearing forever.

We know it’s an important decision, and we want to help you make the best one if you start searching for a wedding ring right away, you’re in the right place.

We offer a wide range of wedding bands and engagement rings that suit all tastes and pockets.

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