Lab Grown Diamonds: What the Future Holds

Lab grown diamonds

Everyone’s first choice when it comes to jewelry is diamonds. Lab grown diamonds are making a strong presence in the market due to their sustainability, transparency, and low price. Nature and technology play a major role in their evolution. Technology is revolutionizing the world, and diamonds are no exception. Being able to grow diamonds above ground was like a dream come true.

A brief history of lab grown diamonds

It is not true that lab grown diamonds are a recent invention. Several decades ago, they were made for the first time. Lab-grown diamonds were first produced in 1954, and they were commercially available in the 1980s.

Kings and queens adorned their crowns with diamonds. Throughout history, diamonds have been considered the most precious of all objects for hundreds of years. In 1477, diamonds made their first appearance in jewelry.

Likewise, the lab grown diamond market has grown gradually. In 2022, the diamond industry is experiencing a vast change as lab-grown diamonds take over the market.

In the past, lab-created diamonds were small, almost invisible, and of inferior quality. With the advancement of technology, lab diamonds have grown larger and have become better than ever before. Now, these kinds of diamonds come in all kinds of quality ranges, corresponding to the 3 Cs of diamonds: color, clarity, and cut. Similar to natural diamonds, these are also made from carbon. There has been rapid growth in lab-grown diamonds in recent years. Our understanding of lab-grown diamonds has improved due to this progress.

What is the reason for the change in attitude towards lab grown diamonds?

People are becoming more aware that lab-grown diamonds are made by the same process as natural diamonds.

A number of big jewelry brands offer jewelry with lab grown diamonds as part of their new jewelry collections.

Celebrities now recognize the purity of such diamonds, so they are eager to promote them. Lab grown diamonds were promoted by Leonardo DiCaprio and Penelope Cruz, and many others followed suit.

Lab-created diamonds are becoming more popular in engagement rings be

cause natural diamond reserves are depleting. By 2030, this stock is expected to run out, according to reports.

Lab grown diamonds are the future

Laboratory grown diamonds are becoming the face of the diamond industry. It is estimated that the demand for these diamonds will increase by 20% in a few years, according to the Antwerp World Diamond Center.

Because jewelry makers, retailers, dealers, and consumers alike are increasingly demanding these manufactured diamonds, their availability in markets is increasing. For more information on lab grown diamonds, visit us here.

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