Guide to Buying a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Pink Sapphire Engagement Ring

Everything you Need to Know About Buying a Sapphire Engagement Ring

Would you like to buy a sapphire engagement ring within your budget? Although diamond-embedded engagement rings are beautiful, they are typically more expensive. That is why sapphires can be the perfect option for an engagement ring. Sapphire is the birthstone for those who were born in September. Besides a sapphire’s beauty, its spiritual qualities have made sapphire a popular gemstone.

Affordability is not the only reason for choosing sapphire. This gemstone is available in attractive colors, ranging from ocean spray blue and indigo blue to orange and green. Some sapphires also have a colorless look.

Choosing the Color of Your Sapphire Stone

The variations in color can make a difference in the chemical composition of the stones. White sapphires do not have impurities, and they are pure corundum. Due to their colorless look, you can easily confuse them with diamonds.

  • Pink sapphires have a trace of chromium and are very popular.
  • Orange sapphires have a blend of chromium and iron.
  • Yellow sapphires have warm golden color due to the presence of iron and have increasingly grown in popularity.
  • Green sapphires contain titanium and iron in their chemical compositions.
  • Blue sapphires have obtained the blue tone from a combination of iron and titanium.

Sapphires look beautiful with almost any cut. But the oval cut with a vibrant color has become the most popular choice for engagement rings. It is because light can easily pass through the oval-cut gemstone, making sure your sapphire stone does not look flat.

How do you Differentiate White Sapphires from Diamonds?

While comparing a diamond with white sapphire, you can notice some visible differences. White sapphire stones sparkle less, although you may not be able to identify them easily. Moreover, diamonds have a higher clarity, while sapphires have a few spots. Sapphires can attract more dirt, and thus, you must clean them regularly.

Sapphires and Engagement Ring Settings

The scratch-resistant stone sapphire has a hardness level of 9 on the Mohs scale. The stone has a tough tenacity, and there is no cleavage. That is why sapphire is a preferable stone for your engagement ring.

Faceted sapphire stones are compatible with the rings’ prong settings and your gem will look beautiful from any angle. You can also choose bezel settings for vintage designs.

Pearls, marquises, and hearts need V-shaped prongs. But emerald and square-cut sapphires should have prongs on corners to avoid chipping issues. Most commonly, prongs are rounded and short. However, pointed claws and long prongs have become the latest trends.

Platinum and white gold settings make your sapphires look elegant and clean, but rose gold is also an excellent choice for lighter color sapphires.

Combine Sapphires and Diamonds for your Engagement Rings

Small diamonds can be chosen as the side stones, while sapphire is your center stone. Your sapphire engagement rings will look even more stunning in a side stone setting.